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“I am honored to be recognized as a Life Insurance Specialist.
I know that my clients will benefit – It’s not a matter of if, simply a matter of when…"

Matt Henderson, Family Business Specialist
President, Henderson

Matt Henderson’s remarkable climb from a Midwestern farm boy to a highly successful insurance specialist started with a simple newspaper ad.  “Have you played a college sport? Were you a leader in a fraternity or sorority? Do you do any community service? Do you have a desire to be financially independent?” the ad read. Since Matt could answer affirmatively to all four questions, he applied for the job. It turned out to be an entry-level position in life insurance.

Sixty days into his new profession, a young cousin of Matt’s and one of his earliest clients, died unexpectedly in his sleep. “When I delivered the insurance check to his wife, so she could pay off her house and his truck, was the moment I recognized the power of my work,” Matt recalls. The loss profoundly impacted him. He immersed himself in a mission to help as many people as he possibly could. “Today, I believe I measure myself by the value I provide to the families, businesses, and communities I touch,” he says. That translates to over 1.6 billion dollars of life insurance in force. “To buy insurance or to engage in any kind of estate planning, you need to love someone and be responsible,” Matt points out.

Over the years, Matt has grown Henderson into a thriving specialty insurance firm that provides life insurance, disability income insurance, business succession and estate planning strategies to a national clientele.  Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Newport Beach, California, the firm serves business owners, executives, professionals in private practice and professional athletes.   

Matt particularly enjoys working with family business owners, with whom he feels a shared connection.  “The complex structural, financial, and emotional dynamics of family business really appeal to me,” explains Matt. He has also developed strong alliances with leading wealth managers, banks, accountants, attorneys, and trust companies that recognize his subject matter expertise and regularly refer his services.

Matt’s other passions include his family, golf, and baseball.


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