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Client Appreciation Night

The time was close to seven and everything was in place.  Jubilant faces filled both of our suites at Angel Stadium; people already lost in cheerful exchanges before selecting a beverage or eyeing their surroundings.  The weight of everyone’s day began to wane as the aroma of buttery popcorn filled the air around us. Client Appreciation Night was in full effect! 

Matt played his invaluable role as, “meeter”, “greeter”, “introducer”, and “conversation starter” as strangers became acquaintances and acquaintances soon became cohorts. If you listened closely, you may have heard the “click click” of Brooke’s camera as she stealthily captured an array of these jolly moments.  All the while Amber could often be seen scurrying about refilling drinks or striking a quick pose with the crowd. 

Many filled their plates with the scrumptious delectables before claiming a seat with a bird’s eye view outside.  The game was well underway before the group settled in and began soaking up the charged rivalry between the Anaheim Angels and the Texas Rangers.  Several multitasked by maintaining their conversations and merriment while keeping a keen eye on the scoreboard.

Much to our disappointment the Angels did not prevail that night.  Not all was lost though as each of our guests left with a surprise package to convey appreciation for their support, friendship, and welcomed company on this special evening- Client Appreciation Night at Angel Stadium.



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