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The Masters Chair
The Masters Tournament is the foremost sporting event of the year. No matter how high your expectations may be going into the tournament, The Masters is known as one of the few events in life that will exceed them. The scale of Augusta National Golf Club alone cannot be captured on television, nor can the palpable energy that circulates through the dogwoods and pines as golf's greatest championship takes shape throughout the entire week in early spring. The synergy between the players, patrons and golf course is legendary.

At The Masters, customs of etiquette and decorum are just as important as the rules governing play. One of those customs that is truly unique to The Masters is "the chair." Unlike most events, each patron can bring a chair to reserve their place on the course. Once you place your chair, there is an invisible sense of protection and security that is honored and respected by all other patrons. If your goal is to be close to the green with an unobstructed view on Sunday and witness the Masters Champion, you simply plan ahead and place your chair right where you want it. Then you can move freely around Augusta National to follow your favorite players or simply take in the beauty of Augusta National. When you return, there is your chair—undisturbed—just as you left it. In contrast, those patrons who do not plan ahead are left scurrying to find a spot amongst the crowd.

Each year, Henderson Golf hosts hundreds of patrons at The Masters. We provide each person with a chair, and equip them with key information to help secure their dream of not merely witnessing golf history, but being a part of golf history. But securing our clients' dreams does not end on the golf course. When a business loses a key person or a family loses a loved one, most people are left scurrying around without a plan. Our Firm's objective is to help provide the security of knowing that at the greatest time of a family or business need, proper plans have been implemented to ensure financial security. At Henderson Financial Group, we work to secure your dreams for life.

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